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Summer 2019

Tiger Optics Expands International Footprint with Additional Customer Service in Europe and Asia

EUROPE: Peter Maushake proudly joined Tiger Optics as European Sales Manager in June. He has extensive international sales experience, primarily focused on optical technologies and gas analysis. Based in Germany, Peter will be able to closely support our customers and partners in Europe.

Jim Belanger, Director of Sales & Marketing, commented, “I’m pleased to welcome Peter to Tiger Optics’ team.It’s very important to have dedicated, local support available to our growing installed-based in Europe.  I’m confident Peter will be a great resource for our customers, given his industry knowledge experience in gas analysis.”

ASIA: Tiger Optics’ parent company, Process Insights, opened up a NEW Customer Service and Calibration center in Suzhou, China in August.  Pictured here is the Process Insights team at the Grand Opening ceremony.

We look forward to offering you even better customer service with our expanded team and facilities worldwide!

Contact us today to discuss how our team can help with your analytical needs!

Ensure Quality • Performance • Regulatory Compliance • Peace of Mind

The Analyzer Performance Verification Program is a valuable annual health check to ensure that your analyzers perform within specifications, function at high factory standards and meet quality and regulatory requirements.

Your Verification Certificate can be shared with auditors and leadership teams for compliance and quality management.

This remote verification program offers many advantages:

  • Simple, in-situ verification process
  • Maximum analyzer uptime
  • Cost-effective compliance
  • No specialty calibration gas
  • Fast completion

Visit verify.tigeroptics.com to get started!

Take Contamination Control To The Max

Is contamination control in your process gases a top priority? Tiger Optics understands the challenges and requirements of monitoring critical gas impurities such as H2O, O2, CH4 and more:

  • Detection limits in line with stringent requirements from semiconductor manufacturers 
  • Very high reliability
  • Fast speed of response for real time monitoring
  • Ease of Use

So how do Tiger Optics’ high-performance gas analyzers provide a solution to your bulk gas monitoring challenge? The HALO KA Max H2O analyzer, based on Tiger’s new advanced platform, delivers unprecedented performance, including:

  • Real-time, continuous measurement with fast speed of response, providing early detection of intrusion in seconds
  • Parts-per-trillion detection limits for all major bulk gases
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership and virtually zero maintenance
  • High reliability – robust design evolved from generations of field-proven instruments
  • Accurate, absolute measurement principle
  • Drift-free measurements, with calibration traceable to the world’s leading reference labs Powerful CRDS technology, the standard technique for qualifying piping and measuring trace H2O in bulk gases according to SEMI F112

Download the HALO KA Max H2O documentation here

Delivered On Time, Every Time

Do you want delivery as reliable as your measurement? Look to Tiger Optics for fast, on-time delivery of high-quality gas analyzers.  Compared to other analytical instrument manufacturers, our Order Fill Rate is one of the best in the industry.

Do you want delivery as reliable as your measurement? Look to Tiger Optics for fast, on-time delivery of high-quality gas analyzers.  Compared to other analytical instrument manufacturers, our Order Fill Rate is one of the bestin the industry.

Tiger Optics is committed to continue providing you with high-quality, high-performance gas analyzers and extraordinary customer service, including:

  • New features to enhance your experience with our analyzers, including additional communication options, additional gas matrix libraries and faster speed of response
  • Continued R&D efforts to expand our capabilities and develop new products with cutting-edge technologies for your applications
  • Additional factory capacity to reduce your order lead time
  • More demo equipment to develop application-specific analytical solutions and build customer confidence in new products
  • Expanded team with increased technical field support and local sales support, globally

Questions? We’re here to help.

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